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Flatwater Foundation is dedicated to providing those diagnosed with cancer, their families and loved ones access to mental health therapy and family support. This includes access to both traditional and non-traditional methods of psychological counseling.

Enabling those in need to “Live Inspired. Feel Empowered.”

Our Goals

  • Provide mental health services via licensed providers for those that would not otherwise have access.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of mental health and the challenges that exist when a cancer diagnosis is introduced into a family or tight community.
  • Break the stigma associated with asking for and receiving mental health support.
  • Encourage participation in exercise and outdoor activities as a means of providing balance and mental well-being.
  • Create fun and effective fundraising opportunities that unite communities and promote the values of The Foundation.

Our Values

  • Mental health support is essential when coping with a cancer diagnosis.
  • Families and support networks make everything possible. Unity is strength.
  • Exercise provides a direct path to mental well-being, empowers the soul and invigorates the body.
  • The Foundation seeks fairness in all operations, decisions and programs we implement.
  • We look to build a network with partners that illustrate integrity, compassion and an understanding of the importance of mental well-being.

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