Psychotherapy Solution

Matching those in need with mental health support

Psychotherapy Solution:

Our mission is to provide access to mental health support to those diagnosed with cancer that would otherwise not be able to pay for the care, as well as their families and loved ones in need.

Through a series of local fundraisers and private donations, we raise funds to provide access to care for those in need of financial assistance. We work to address the mental challenges via psychotherapy in order for individuals and families to focus on building and maintaining skills to cope with a cancer diagnosis.

The Psychotherapy Solution was designed to help cancer survivors and their families find the strength to meet the challenges of a cancer diagnosis through psychotherapy.

Flatwater Foundation has developed a network of Referral Agents at top cancer institutions and organizations to identify those in need of support. This network includes Social Workers at Texas Oncology, Breast Cancer Resource Center of Texas (BCRC), Wonders and Worries and Austin Cancer Centers, among others. This team is able to identify and place those in need of care into long-term counseling with our Flatwater care providers.

Who are these care providers?

Our organization has also created a network of top licensed psychotherapists (LCSW, LCP, LMFT, PhD, and others) that meet Flatwater Foundation standards, each of which has agreed to a sliding scale rate. This network of therapists is able to provide care to those individuals and families identified by our Referral Agents via ongoing support, and the money raised by Flatwater Foundation pays for this care. None of our therapists are volunteers. We seek to provide paid care for those in need, as every life is important and deserving of this care, and we look to ensure proper attention is given to every program participant.

Program Testimonial:

“I am 2 months into my remission from Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I was diagnosed when I was 11 weeks pregnant. My husband tried for 9 months to have another baby, and after one round of Clomid, we succeeded. After my diagnosis, I was told by 4 different doctors that I could not keep my baby that I wanted so desperately, but it ultimately came down to my survival. I have a 6 year old daughter that I chose to live for. The termination and the cancer have been devastating to me both physically and mentally. I’m currently seeing a wonderful therapist that I found through The Flatwater Foundation. Their support and donations are what help people like myself carry on. I’ve learned that just because my cancer is gone for now, I am still not okay, and probably will never fully be myself again after everything I’ve been though. The Flatwater Foundation is a wonderful cause, and would not be as strong as I am without them.”  – Program Participant



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